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About Hurtigruten Project School

Hurtigruten is launching the Hurtigruten Project School in January.

Hurtigruten Project School is developed and implemented through an internal project. The project will be executed in close collaboration with the Hurtigruten Academy Project and our supplier Metier. Defined and approved scope for this project includes:

  • Develop “Hurtigruten’s Project School”
  • Adaptation and execution of two generic learning modules
    - Project governance
    - Project management – overview and insight
  • Develop a Project Management introduction course available for all Hurtigruten employees
  • Define principles for the continuous administration and development of Hurtigruten’s Project School in collaboration with Hurtigruten Academy

Execution of the two learning modules will include participants across Hurtigruten, handpicked by their managers. When the project comes to an end in March/April, Hurtigruten Project School will offer a wide range of Project Management related courses to the employees of Hurtigruten.

Through the development of Hurtigruten Project School our goal is to:

  • Improve the reputation of Project Management within Hurtigruten
  • Improve Project Portfolio Management in Hurtigruten
  • Improve Project Governance of the projects in Hurtigruten
  • Improve Project Performance in Hurtigruten
  • Increase compliance of Hurtigruten’s project framework

This is essential in order to create a professional project culture within Hurtigruten and by that:

  • Reduce overall cost
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Gain control of the projects
  • Improve predictability regarding project cost and time

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